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Free Active Start Training

We are delighted to be able to offer the Active Start 3hr workshop free for all Early Years setting and Primary Schools. Training is funded by our commercial activities.


The workshop has been developed by Mike Squire BSc MA over 10 years of working in the sector. The workshop has been delivered across many partners including Barnardos, Bristol City Council, 4Children, Active Gloucestershire and most recently the University of Bristol as part of the Nap Sacc Programme. Check out the feedback from the feasibility study.

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Lifelong Impact
To clarify how important physical activity and physical development is in the lifelong opportunities and outcomes for young children.
Role Modelling
Creating Ideas

What Others Have Said

"I've been on lots of training over the years. You normally learn alot more from the person next to was great to learn lots from the tutor".

Brief History!

Active Start has a long history of working in the early years sector. Originally established in 2008 by Active Gloucestershire, Active Start went on to work in over 30 Children’s Centres and other early years settings across Gloucestershire. The aim was to support and up skill the early years workforce in to increase physical activity among young children.

Through this work, Active Start adopted a child-centered approach, which integrated the provision of physical activity into the day-to-day running of an early years setting rather than creating additional work for staff. It was developed closely in partnership with experienced early years practitioners to ensure that it met the standards required to be a useful resource for settings.

Now Active Connections is delighted to bring the knowledge and insight gained through Active Start and other projects into an easy to use, one stop portal for those working with young children. The portal will provide low cost, effective CPD opportunities, inspire through ideas and resources, and provide direct to child activity videos all with the aim of making children more active and develop life long physical skills.


Our Concept

To help children explore the world around them. 

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